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Shenzhen Yongxiang an Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in international and domestic air transport agency business, road freight transport materials enterprises. The company is based in Baoan airport, 16 years dedicated to air cargo agency business. The company all uses the computer network management and application, has an experienced, proficient in logistics business professionals, have good industry regulations, credit guarantee. In the joint efforts of all staff and support to the development of trust, the opportunity to continue, with many years of professional experience in transportation management and actual operation ability, the rapid accumulation of all over the country's cyber source to provide quality, freight service to customers, to provide customers with convenient, fast, affordable, safe and efficient quality service.
The company is currently opening up more than 40 international and domestic air freight agency services, has a complete delivery network system, in order to accelerate the pace of development, in recent years opened a package cabin routes. Become airline, Hainan Airlines, China Southern Airlines and other airlines outstanding agent".
The company adhering to the "customer first, integrity-based" business philosophy to create value for customers, "win-win" professional team of "information technology" through corporate culture, really to provide customers with more satisfactory service and make efforts unremittingly.
management idea
I. The three major disciplines of enterprise
Civilized behavior, strict discipline, clear public and private
Two, enterprise creed
I'm young, I'm confident, I'm professional, I'm successful
Our responsibility is: high quality, efficient and quick
Three, management concept
Advocating responsibility, advocating competition, pursuing service and pursuing high efficiency.
Constant pursuit of excellence is the inexhaustible source of strength for enterprise development and the capital for the growth of enterprises. The spirit of dedication, excellent sense of teamwork and a strong sense of professionalism are the core of enterprise cohesion.
Specialization, modernization and respect for human nature are the unswerving goals of enterprises.
High benefit and high efficiency is the soul that enterprise management will never change.
Four, service concept and purpose
Satisfaction = surprise + Innovation
1, customer first ---- to meet customer needs, always ranked first in the work.
2, active enthusiasm ---- actively provide customers with quality services
3, polite smile --- each employee should have basic requirements for customer service.
4, unity and cooperation - a harmonious team spirit is the basis for maximum efficiency and best service.
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